Megan (peezys_girl) wrote in neversawthesky,

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First post here

I have the best boyfriend in the whole world! Last night, he kept saying the sweetest things to me. About how he feels about me, and about us. I wish I could remember word for word what he said, because it was all so sweet, and I dont want to change the wording at all. One thing I do remember word for word, is what he said about heaven. He said: "I hope we are married in heaven. No, I know that we will be married in heaven. Because if I'm not married to you in heaven, it wont be heaven for me." It was so sweet. He made me cry like 3 times with what he was saying. I love him so much. Thank you Paul, for everything you said, and for meaning it all. I dont think I deserve someone as great as you, but I am glad that I get to be with you. ♥
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