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Never Knew I Could Feel Like This

like I've never seen the sky before

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This group, simply put, is about love. Blissfully in love, but all your friends are single? Who can you gush to? We're here and we'd love to hear about it.

Compare stories, ask for romance advice, talk about your favorite songs, movies, place to go with your loved one, or simply just come and enjoy what love has given to us all. Love was made to be shared.

If you're too shy to start gushing about something in particular, contact me (the mod, plasticfucktard. contact info available in my lj) and I'll start a post about it, and you can post a reply anonymously if you wish.

And for those who are wondering, the name is a (butchered) form of a song lyric. "Never knew I could feel like this/Like I've never seen the sky before." - from "Come What May"

I ask that people posting leave others' names out of it, unless they have obtained permission from the other party. Thank you, and please be considerate.

Also, please no angsting. This is not the place for sorrow. Any angsty posters will be spoken to, and if provoked, I WILL use my mod-ness and delete posts, but I do NOT want it to come to that. Just think before posting, that's all I ask.