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Name: Sarah

Age: 18

What does love mean to you? What is love?: I think love is different for everyone, but I like to think that love is knowing that without the other person your life would not be as good. I think that love isn't just an emotion; it's a verb to love someone (as Jason Mraz says), after all; it requires work and commitment.

Have you ever been in love?: Yes, I've been in love twice, although the first person was one of those teenage things that develop over a long period of time and then fizzled out like a firework. Right now, though, I know I am in love.

Have you ever lost faith in love?: I did when my first love just cut the relationship off, but after time I realized how silly I was being and took my faith back.

Are you currently in love?: Yes, I definately am. We were friends first, but slowly we figured out that there was so much more to it than friendship.

Do you believe in love at first sight?: Yes, I do. I think my current love had that with me; it took me a bit longer to see him in that way.

What is your favorite romantic song and why?: I have several, but I really love "Orion in the Sky" by Shawn Colvin. I love it because it melds all of these Greek mythology references into a song about escaping what all the rest of world thinks and being together. It's an amazing song.

What is your favorite romantic movie and why?: That's hard. I love Moulin Rouge, although it ends sadly. I love how much they are willing to sacrifice to try and help each other, and (of course) I love the singing.

What is your favorite romantic location and why?: I love Zack's backyard. It's really big (for a city backyard) and is surrounded by a ten-foot hedge. It makes me feel like we've escaped into a grotto of a hedge maze and are all alone.

When was your first kiss and who was it with?: My first kiss was when I was 15, and it was with my first boyfriend. He kissed me on my porch after dropping me off from Homecoming. It was pretty romantic, but I count my first kiss with Zack more than that one.

When did you first fall in love?: Since I don't really count my first one, I'll talk about Zack. We met in my anatomy and physiology class last year, when he was a sophomore and I was a junior. I noticed him very quickly, because he has shoulder length hair and was wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt. I got to talking with him and found he was incredibly intelligent and well read. He loved all sorts of music and was a writer; we had so much in common. We were good friends for the rest of year and into this year, until October when he voiced how much he liked me and wanted to deepen our relationship. I was shocked; I'm usually pretty good at reading people and had never seen his feelings. I debated about it, with him and within myself, for a while; then, on my birthday when he was there to wish me well, I told him yes.

I don't think I could have found a better match anywhere, and I've only fallen more deeply for him as the months have passed. We'll be at the six month mark on Wednesday (May 11).

I think the single moment that I realized what I felt was when we were talking and sharing our writing over Fall Break. It had gotten dark, and we were laying side by side on his bed, talking about school, and I rolled over closer to him as he put his arms around me. It felt so right; it was amazing.

What is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?: For Valentine's Day, Zack wrote a note as a card for me. He put this verse by Rainer Maria Rilke on there that made me cry.

"When you leave me alone, you are part of the world for me.
You change into all things: you enter the sound of the sea,
Or the scent of flowers in the evening air.
My arms have held them and lost them,
Again and again,
You, only, are reborn; and the moment when
I let go of you, I hold on to you everywhere."

And he made up a nickname for me: Gersimi. It's a Nordic term of endearment that means "jewel."

Do you believe in true love and soulmates?: I always have. I think it takes time to figure out that the other person is your soulmate, but, when you do figure it out, it's like a mist is burnt away by the summer sun. I think the first time Zack kissed me that happened. I though to myself, "Oh, so this is person I'm supposed to be with."

Do you believe in fate?: I do believe in fate. Zack and I wouldn't be together if I hadn't been transferred to our anatomy and physiology class; it was so hard to get my schedule changed, but the admin. people pulled through.
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