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My baby says the sweetest things to me

This was over AIM, while I was talking to him on the phone. Paul: Have I told you lately that I love you?

Paul: Have I told you lately there is no one else beside you?
Paul: Have I told u that I cherish every precious moment I can with you and I cry inside every time you leave me?

Me: aaaaaawwww
Paul: Did I tell you I still lay awake till three all the time thinking about you?
Me: *Misty*
Paul: Did I tell you I get the same giddy feeling that I had the first night I decided to love you?
Paul: no misty
Paul: my heart aches when we have to leave
Paul: I love that you accept me for who I am and I dont have to put on a show for you
Paul: I can be myself and you dont judge me
Paul: you notice me and make me feel special

Me: awwwwwww
Me: I try

Paul: I still get a really big smile on my face when I tell people about you
Paul: even if its over the phone
Paul: I make up stupid little songs about you
Paul: I cant wait to be around you

Me: awwww I love you
Paul: you excite me in ways I never knew I could have
Me: thank you for being so sweet
Paul: not physically excite
Me: and for loving me as much as you do
Paul: mentally and emotionally
Paul: I see the heavens in your smile
Me: I'm so glad you feel that way about me still
Me: aaaaawwwww
Me: no
Me: *blush*
Paul: nothing will ever take from me the feeling I have for you
Me: really?
Paul: its sooo much more than just the way you look
Paul: of course
Paul: I wouldnt say it if I didnt mean it

Me: I know
Me: I love you

Paul: I think you ARE the most beautiful girl ever
Me: aw
Me: baby
Me: I love you

Paul: not one of the most, I know it sounds dumb but everyone pales in comparison to you
Me: you are so sweet
Me: it doesnt sound dumb
Me: I'm glad you think that of me

Paul: I look at them and my automatic response is for me its ugly
Paul: I flip by the channels that have butts and boobies on them because I dont want to look at anyone but you
Paul: I skip em all fast

Me: yea,
Me: good =D

Paul: if I accidentally land on one and I see too much I feel all bad
Me: really? why?

Paul: because I always just think about you and if you were there you wudent approve so I dont
Paul: I dont care who knows how I feel about you

Me: yeah?
Me: good,
Me: because everyone shall know!
Me: hehe =D

Paul: I would gladly and have gladly told all of my guy friends how I feel and about my commitment not to cheat on you
Paul: so I dont care who knows it
Paul: you can put it on myspace if you want

Me: aww
Me: good
Me: I will never cheat on you either

Me: I pwomise
Paul: really?

Me: of course
Me: I love you so much baby

Paul: you better not because I have sooo much love left to give you I wouldnt know what to do with it

My baby says the sweetest things! The entire time I was all misty, and trying not to cry. Which is why most of my responses are only "aaawww"'s and "I love you"'s. =D I love you so much Paul. You are my whole world!


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