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:: sighz ::

Guys its sooo sad. He hasnt done a thing to me. Yet I still feel so insecure with him or with the things he tells me its hard to believe such pretty things when you've been through so much. I told him how I felt and my lil angel he understood I just dont want him to get mad wut should i do.
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I think everyone has times where they just feel kind of... broken inside, like they don't deserve their wonderful significant other because they're not good enough to keep him or her.

The important thing to do is to remember that no matter what has happened in the past, you are a good person and deserve to be happy and that who you are with now is not the person who hurt you before. Just try to not get lost in the pain of the past, because that will keep you from all the joy of today and tomorrow.

Believe in yourself, believe in him, and believe in the feelings you share.
I know he isnt the person that hurt me but its hard just to let my guard down and not live in the past because Im scared he might hurt me Ive exposed myself way to much to heartbreak already... =/ im expecting the worse so im not disappointed..I WANT TO BE HAPPY but i dunno how to do that
You have to open yourself up to heartbreak in order to experiance love. Trust me, I went through that process a few times before I got it right. It is a risk that comes with the possiblity of good feelings. Shield yourself forever and you will be alone forever.
You're right so what advice can you give me on what to do right now what I need is advice and way to do things I WANT this to work and Im scared of love but thats another risk i must take i guess...
There really aren't instructions for love. You just have to trust and have hope. Just try to be happy. Don't overcomplicate the relationship by holding onto your old pain. Just be happy and let it be. And always remember that you DESERVE to be happy. People who have been hurt often tell themselves they don't deserve someone to really love them and that is NOT TRUE AT ALL. You deserve love, so don't overthink it. Concentrate on the good feelings you have now, not the bad things from before.

There isn't really a way to do things. Just let things unfold and be open to love. This will work if you both trust in each other and listen to and care about each other.

It's easy to get scared. But love is stronger than fear. Just don't give up on love, and it'll happen.