Cherry (taste_disz) wrote in neversawthesky,

It's cute

Well I don't know it's only been a week. I'm happy he is soo cute. Love I don't think so but sure can see it happening =). i luv my elmO im juss happy so far damn i need help ive had my share of bad relationships before plz tell me wut to do so dat this works and doesnt end up sum rinky dinky romance =)
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hm, the best i can say is, dont try to keep tabs on him, dont be constantly freaked out about him cheating, cuz how would you like it if he was constantly afraid you were cheating on him?
dont be a ho, dont mean to sound like a bitch but honestly, you will be the one hurt in the long run if you put out all speedy.
dont compromise yourself and your beliefs for him.
respect his thoughts and beliefs and if he doesnt respect yours, ditch him.

rinky dink romance depends on the couple, not just one person. respect, caring, compassion, honesty, and trust are all huge parts of a relationship that must be carried out by both parties in order to make a relationship work.

keep in mind your still very young, and you have so much ahead of you.
You're right about all that it's just scary because the last thing I want is to get hurt. Not to worry though I'm not paranoid about him cheating or whatever. I think I'm pretty chill about things he gets on my nerves sometimes lol but its all good =) thanks for ur help girlie good luck with your relationship